Metropolia · Jakub Nepras

manuel vilariño

Technique: Mooving Videosculpture

Duration: 10 minutes loop

Size: 350 x 350 x 100 cm

The city hovers authoritatively overhead. A unique view of the colossus in which most of us live. An icon of today’s city in a regular turning rhythm every moment links a new event to itself. The rotating frequencies contain visual and symbolic rhythms of present-day cities. But mostly from Shanghai and Prague. An abstract story of a universal city culminates in several phases and then sinks back into darkness. It’s as if a charge of energy left the space and then after a while returned for another hypnotic cycle. The relief projection surface is created by a circular construction from the packages of real products originally manufactured in China. This often works as an art object itself, as an illuminated physical casing or it can give space to the projected image. The aim is to encourage people to confront the city as a whole and to take advantage of its potential (dual) energy, which unfortunately usually manifests itself negatively, for instance on a person’s psyche. Another aim is to find in oneself a positive approach to the city as an inevitable mechanism of today’s society.