Galerie Stöckle Hauser has solid connections both with European and Latin America art, Brazil chiefly, which allows it a wide and rich exhibition program with the best in modern and contemporary art. Special attention is paid to new artists and new technologies, in a exciting mix of masterly control and innovative audacity.
Print editions, carefully chosen and produced, linked or not to the exhibitions presented in its facilities and thar are in themselves collectors itens, are one of Stöckle Hauser’s main features.


CEO of Prolab Fotofachlabor Stuttgart www.prolab.de

Alexander Stöckle
Gallery owner


A trained, professional and awarded musician, Matthias Hauser first established himself as a gallerist in La Coruna, Spain, where for 15 years he run the Matthias Hauser Art Gallery which was soon to become the Galeria Vilaseco Hauser. Previously he had organized musical events all around Europa and from this large experience in music he retained his belief that art is a broad system in which all specific art languages mingle and converse, seeking mutual correspondences in their way of representing the world. It was therefore but a small step for him to dedicate himself exclusively to the visual arts.

As an art curator and dealer, he has organized different and important events such as a Multimedia Art Dialogue at the Main Palais, in Frankfurt, 2012; Rolls Royce participation at the São Paulo Art Fair, in Brazil 2014, with a special stand supporting art and its relation with industry and craftsmanship; and, again, Rolls Royce presence in the 2015 Berlin Gallery Weekend with a special show at its siege on the prestigious Kürfurstendamn. In 2013, with Alexander Stöckle, CEO of Prolab Fotofachlabor, he founded the Stöckle Hauser Gallery in Stuttgart dedicated to the best in modern and contemporary art and, with a special consideration for the publishing of first-class art books related to the exhibitions in progress at the gallery or as solo special projects.

Matthias Hauser
Gallery owner

José TEIXEIRA-COELHO, former director of MAC USP – Museum of Contemporary Art of São Paulo, and former chief curator of MASP - São Paulo Art Museum, is an art critic and historian who has written extensively on Brazilian and international art. Author of a number of books on art and catalogues for prestigious exhibition such as Contemporary German Painting, Northern Lights (German Renaissance prints from the Louvre), Julian Schnabel, MASPFotoBienal, Lucian Freud, which he curated or co-curated with the cooperation of international curators, Teixeira-Coelho is also a novelist awarded with an international prize for literature in Portuguese. He is currently the chief curator for the Curitiba International Biennial, to open on October 3, 2015. Presently living and working in São Paulo.

Prof. Jose Teixeira Coelho

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