Meadow · Jakub Nepraš

manuel vilariño

Technique: Videosculpture – 2 layers relief

Duration: 4 minutes loop

Size: 170 x 95 x 40 cm


Stones lie embedded at regular intervals within two levels of transparent material. The framework may be suggestive of chemical or molecular structures. Each stone or pebble represents an opaque filter, a transformer converting symbolic values and passing them on to its neighbour in an altered form.

The stones represent fixed individual personalities which – in a similar way to people in life – have the ability to process impulses from their surroundings. The outputs they transmit are always a little different to the inputs they originally received.

Impulses of a transient nature which do not have a more permanent value from the viewpoint of the associative system as a whole circulate among the stones in the front layer of the relief structure. The back layer, on the other hand, displays more meaningful relations that reflect vitality and potential for the further development and existence of the system. Both levels are interconnected above and below by two longer stones which form the backbone of the framework. Some values are transferred at two different places simultaneously and this is manifested as a strange mirroring in the interlinked network of relations.

The stones on the meadow communicate by passing relay batons to each other while at the same time shouting over each other like crickets in grass or birds in the jungle. The Emotions ventilated here have their own shapes, colours and movements which display diversity similar to the outward appearance and behavioural patterns of various animal and plant species.