MOTH · Jakub Nepras

jakup nepras

Technique: Videoobject

Duration: 3 minutes loop

Size: 300 x 400 x 400 cm

The old traditional face of city centres is changing, nowadays it is only wearing a tempting mask inviting mainly tourists and nouveau riche. In the background, obscure deals in casinos are silently being made, drugs, prostitution, mafia structures and crime. Overpriced rents and other commercial interests are gradually chasing away original inhabitants and ingenuous culture. The genuine spirit of the places is dribbling out and only their ornamental layer remains, an attractive camouflage nurtured by far-reaching tradition and present-day consumerism. Here, this emotion takes the shape of a moth nestling under an arch of a well-known bridge. Its thin wings somehow try to conceal themselves too, but often the real world, spasmodically breaking through the weakened camouflage, seeps through.